Digital Square Computer Market

Digital Square (电脑城) is at the center of a handful of buildings in the South of Chengdu that specialize in the sale of computer hardware and software. Everything from laptops and desktop to computer keyboards and speaker sets are available here, from hundreds of vendors scattered among a huge selling floor. Across the street from Digital Square is a nearly-identical building which hosts four floor of vendors, called “A World” (A世界 in Chinese).

Address in Chinese: 四川省成都市武侯区一环路和人民南路路门口

Address in English: the intersection of First Ring Road and Renmin Nan LuHours: Open 7 days from 10 am – 6 pm



Directly to the east of the Sichuan Gymnasium metro stop is a short stretch of road that is a haven for electronic shoppers. While ‘Computer City’ is the name of just one of the many giant electronic department stores (likely the first one) on the street, the block itself is often referred to as Computer City. It’s the place to go for electronic shopping in Chengdu. If you’re looking for a computer, camera, tablet, speakers, smartphone, security device, office furniture, or almost any type of electronic accessory – there’s probably a vendor in Computer City that has what you’re looking for.

Location: The area starts just east of Renmin South Rd, right on the 1st Ring Rd. You can show a taxi driver this 数码广场 or try and pronounce this Shùmǎ guǎngchǎng.
But the easiest way to get to Computer City is to take the #1 metro line to Sichuan Gymnasium and get out at exit D1, D2, or C. Two of the huge buildings are right there on the north (@World) and south (Digital Square) corners, and another one, which is called Computer World, is further east on 1st Ring Road.

Hours: Some buildings open at 9 am, some at 10 am. They generally close at 6 pm. Open 7 days a week.