Song XIan Qiao Antique Market

Song Xian Qiao Antique Market claims to be the “second largest antique market in China”. If you want to take some souvenirs of your trip home, this is the best place. This market boasts around five hundred antique stalls that sell various types of items, ranging from Buddha statues, ancient currency, and calligraphy work to jude cravings and paintings. There are also many stalls that sell Chinese good-luck charms. The three-storey building is home to many reputed vendors.
Address: Located at the corner of the North Kuanhua Rd and the Qingyang Shangjie

Womens Market

Women’s Market, also known as Women’s Street is a mecca for female shoppers. It is situated in the Central Business District, a few minutes away from the Tianfu Square, and is stuffed with several shops and stalls. It features women’s clothing, jewellery, accessories, and footwear. Do not buy anything without bargaining and if you are a good bargainer, then you can get them to lower the prices.
Address: Central Business District.
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

Computer City

For electronics, the place to go to is Computer City or Digital City (here’s a blog post on it). This huge arcade of 6 floors of electronics (which are divided into departments such as laptops, cameras, and even a recycled IT goods department on the top floor!) Prices are competitive since there are so many stores, but there’s lots of scope for old-fashioned Chinese haggling. Walk into a few nearby shops and find out the prices for a product you are looking for to compare.
Address: Shu Ma Guang Chang Square, at the junction of Renmin Nan Lu and South 1st Ring Road, in Wuhou district.

Clothes and Shoes at Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is the major downtown shopping district where you’ll find more than 700 modern departmental stores selling brands like Lacoste, Nike, Polo, Gucci and boutiques, supermarkets and eateries (including the standard KFC, MacDonalad’s, Pizza Hut and Starbucks). There are about 4 or more blocks of stores surrounding the road itself. The big departmental stores include Chicony, Parkson and the Japanese stores Isetan and Ito Yokado. If you find yourself lost, reorient yourself by starting at the central square with a statue of Sun Yat Sen. If you want cheap versions of big brands, you’ll find it here, and some are excellent fakes.
Address: Jin Jiang District, Chun Xi Road

Handicrafts at Song Xian Qiao

If you want to avoid the typical Western tourist areas and go shopping where the locals go, head to Song Xian Qiao Art and Antiques market, which is the second largest antique market of the country. The entrance – with chipped and peeling walls and quiet dusty shops – may not seem inviting but inside there are about 500 to 800 vendors selling everything from handicrafts, antiques, Shu embroidery, old porcelain dishes, painting, calligraphy, Shu silks etc.
Address: Song xian qiao Market, 22 Huan Hua Bei Lu, Chengdu