New Century Global Center

Opened June 2013. Worlds largest building, 20 million sqft. Houses shopping mall, water park, two 5 star hotels, skating rink, movie theatres, museum, etc.
Address: No.1700 Tian Fu Bei Da Dao, Chengdu, China
Phone Number: +86 28 6273 2888

Pacific Department Store

Address: RenMinZhongLu ErDuan 68Hao Rui Cheng MingRen JiuDian Nei TaiPingYangBaiHuo QuanXing Dian Pang, Chengdu, China
Phone Number: +86 28 8625 6688

Chicony Plaza

Address: ChunXiLu NanDuan 8Hao Jin ZhongShanGuangChang, Chengdu, China
Phone Number: +86 28 6666 5858

Raffle’s City Shopping Mall

The McDonald’s in this mall is the best we’ve had in Chengdu. The product seems so much fresher and the staff seems to be more helpful and friendly then others we’ve visited.
Address: No.3 Section 4, Renmin South Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, China

Moore department Store

Address: Xi Yu Jie 6Hao TianFu Guang ChangNei Jin ErHuanLu, Chengdu, China
Phone Number: +86 28 8299 0034

Isetan Department Store

It will be packed when you go there, but this is China, of course it will be full of people, so take that as a plus. People go here because it’s good, you have a really big shop.
Address: Da KeJia Xiang 8Hao Li Dou Guang ChangNei Jin ChunXiLu, Chengdu, China


Address: No.99 Shenghe 1th Road, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, China
Phone Number: +86 28 6597 8889

Wanda Plaza

Address: ErHuanLu Dong WuDuan 29Hao Xin ChengRen LuKou, Chengdu, China
Phone Number: +86 28 6661 8886

Ito Yang huatang Mall

Address: HongXingLu SanDuan Da KeJia Xiang 8Hao, Chengdu, China
Phone Number: +86 28 8671 5111